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Course Registration No. SCI-308


Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  
The publisher markets a science notebook, a junior science notebook, and a lap book kit for this program.  None are necessary, but all are interesting.  They are keyed to the 1st edition as of this text.
     The STAA notes for this course are keyed to the 1st edition, too, though we recommend the newest edition.




Exploring Creation with Astronomy

  • Author: Jeannie K. Fulbright
  • Publisher/Copyright: : Apologia Educational Ministry, 2nd edition. Print..
  • ISBN: 1932012486        9781940110585
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

Apologia Educational Ministry; 2nd edition; 176 pgs.; 14 two-week lessons; teacher notes in the front of the book; answer key in the back of the book; index; non-consumable hardback text.




Creator and Creation, 3rd Edition

  • Author: Mary O. Daly
  • Publisher/Copyright: 3rd ed. Garretson, SD: Ye Hedge School, 2006. Print.
  • ISBN: unassigned        
  • Supplier: Catholic Heritage Curricula

(Also available from; Nihil Obstat; 119 pages; 4 part discussion; annotated bibliography, appendix (includes John Paul II on evolution), index. As of 2014, product is only available as a file download.



Understanding the Scriptures: A Complete Course on Bible Study, Student Text (The Didache Series)

  • Author: Scott Hahn and James Socías
  • Publisher/Copyright: : Midwest Theological Forum, 2005. Print.
  • ISBN: 1890177474        978-1890177478
  • Supplier: Seton Press

560 pp., 30 chapters.