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We are now going into our third year with STAA. We have a third grader, second grader and a kindergartner  STAA has more then met our expectations as home schooling parents. The assessments give us great confidence that our children's education is going in the right direction and their academic weaknesses are being

addressed. We had homeschooled for a couple of years before STAA and found the unending list of curriculums to be overwhelming. With STAA we have been extremely impressed with their suggested curriculums such as Miquon Math, Little Angel Readers, Map Skills and many others. For parents wanting to instruct their children in a Catholic education that upholds the teachings of the Church we would highly recommend STAA. The staff at STAA is a joy to work with and it is obvious that they put great care into giving parents the necessary support to be successful homeschooling families. If we could say one thing to anyone considering going through STAA it would be that it is a decision they will not regret if they choose STAA.

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